Blood Gas Analyzers


Made in Japan



The best of its kind
Easy to use, economical and accurate
8 different models to accommodate your Critical Care requirements
Color LCD touch screen, intuitive user interface
You will be shown on the screen the steps to follow, you do not need training to use the equipment!
Analysis time: 60 seconds


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Sensor Card


The Automatic Preheat function allows its use in cold places
Full color-LCD Touch screen, very easy to use
 Long shelf-life of Sensor Card: 1 year refrigerated and 2 months at room temperature
Simple and intuitive 3-step operation:
1️) Sensor Card Insertion
2) Sample Injection
3) Analysis and result in only 45 seconds (shown both on the screen and in print)
Portable and light size (fits in the palm of your hand)
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Made in South Korea

iSmart 30 PRO

  • Ion-selective Cartridge: Na, K, Cl
  • Full-Color LCD touch screen and high quality user interface
  • Storage of more than 300,000 data and search functions
  • Sample size: only 60 ㎕
  • Results in 60 seconds
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All-in-one Cartridges!

All consumable parts such as reagent, electrode, valve, sample and waste bag, are integrated into a single cartridge

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