TECO develops, produces and distributes coagulation analyzers (Coagulometers), ideal for medical and hospital laboratories.


“Complete range of Coagulation Analysis with the highest standard and reliability. The new generation of Coagulation instruments with optical detection are here.”

The Coatron X instrument line is a consequent continuation in the development of the Coatron product line. Over 25 years in experience and innovation is the reference for our new Coatron X instrumentation line.

The unique detection principle in combination with the high-level analytical algorithm calculates exact, precise and reproducible results. Easy in operation – self instructing user dialogue - reliable

  • Highest optical resolution, enlarged optic range, smallest sample and reagent volume
    0,1 mOD – 3500 mOD, just with 75μL sample and reagent volume
  • Complete optical analysis
    No further parts required, like balls, stirrers etc.
  • Adaptation of the light level
    Automatic light level adjustment of the optic channels to each sample
  • Exclusion of disturbance
    Stray light reduction, exact temperature control, all parameter are preset


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Yumizen G1550

  • Clotting, immunologic and chromogenic assays
  • Integrated nephelometric and turbidimetric measuring channels
  • Up to 8 measuring channels with 2 wavenlenght combination
  • Continuous loading (sample racks, reagents, cuvettes)
  • Real-time remote access
  • Comprehensive system (reagents, QC, consumables, services support)
  • Safety single use cuvette
  • Touch screen
  • Full quality record for traceability (reagents lot, calibration, QC, rerun, users login...)
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