Laboratory Information Management System


Designed in Spain

ALFA21® has an open architecture that adapts permanently to technological innovation

ALFA21® is an advanced system for Management of Clinical Analysis Laboratories that operate in both public and private sectors. The software was designed with the objective of easy handling and logical monitoring of the analysis process, from the receipt of the request to the issuance of the report.

General Characteristics

 ALFA21 is a key element for the growth of your laboratory


• Enter results manually by patient, by technique or by worksheet and comfortably control the previous results of the patients, visualizing even the last 4 results while entering the current ones.

• Perform the validation or review of results to complete requests, for each individual test or automatically. Apply, if desired, the double validation to the results, making a first technical review and then an optional validation.

• The application allows the clinical report to be customized in an integral way, modifying any aspect related to presentation and structure. It can incorporate different headers, formats, logos, digitally treated signatures, fonts, colors, images, evolution graphs, functional test representations, comments, etc.


Strenght, flexibility and SECURITY

• Customize and limit the actions of each user registered in the application and select the modules of the program to which you have access. A complete auditor records the activity and traceability of the data during the application's management. The program also provides tools for periodic and unattended backups.

• ALFA21® is a multilanguage and multilaboratory system: it allows several collaborating laboratories or different extraction centers to work under the same program license, sharing common resources and reducing costs. Discriminate the information that will be accessible to each one, configure the clinical report as well as the devices available in the laboratories.

• ALFA21® has a complete daily process that allows to register requests, generate worksheets, communicate with automatic analyzers and other devices, complete and validate the results, edit clinical reports and supervise the pending tasks. In addition, it includes specific modules of citations, emergencies, reference laboratories, document and image management and pre-analytical and post-analytic control.


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