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Insulin Administration Supplies

Insulin Syringes

There are several reasons why syringes are the most common method for insulin administration:
  • Syringes are the cheapest way to inject insulin,
  • Syringes are easy to use and learning how to use them is also very easy,
  • If you need to inject two types of insulin, you can mix them in the same syringe,
  • Syringes come in different sizes and with different lengths and widths of needle,
  • With syringes, you can have access to all types of insulins or mix them in a single syringe,
  • Syringes are safe and have few moving parts.

At Diamedic Import we offer a large line of disposable syringes that are safe and easy to use. The needles are shorter and thinner, with an adequate sharpening and lubricated in order to gently penetrate the skin making the injection more comfortable.

All these advantages allow the injection to be simpler, more practical and more comfortable than ever.

100 I.U.
We Offer 3 sizes:

50 I.U.

30 I.U.


Advantages of using needles for pens / BD insulin pens:
  • They are the thinnest and shortest needles in the market,
  • They have a special cover that helps make the injection less painful,
  • It is not necessary to make "bumps" on the skin to be punctured correctly.
  • They will not bruise your skin

BD needles come in boxes with 100 units and can be used for all insulin pens for sale on the market.

5mm Microneedle

4mm Microneedle

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