Represented Brands

Areas: Pre-analytics, Analytics and Post-Analytics

Clinical Laboratory - Diabetes Care - Pathological Laboratory - Doctor's Office

SlcLab Alfa 21

Loboratory Management Software System: Pre-analytics, Analytics and Post-analyrics

Awareness Technology

Semi and fully-automated Clinical Chemistry Equipment

Elektronika 77

Semi and Fully-Automated Urinalysis Equipment

Kubota Centrifuges

Micro and Macro-centrifuges

Christie Medical Holdings

Vein Illumination Equipment

Tosoh Bioscience

Equipment and Hormones for Immunology and Diabetes Care Tests

Sakura Finetek

All the necessary equipment to completely automate a Pathological Laboratory 


Hematology and Clinical Chemistry equipment and supplies, Semi and Fully Automated

Techno Medica

Blood Gas Analyzers


Equipment for the measurement of blood glucose

i Sens

Electrolyte Analyzers

Prestige Medical

Everything for your Doctor's Office


Mechanic and electronic Pipettes, fixed and variable volume


Class I, II and III Biosafety Cabinets with long-lasting HEPA filters and CO2 Incubators with double cycle Sterilization

Drive Medical

Doctor's Office Equipment

Pointe Scientific

Clinical Chemistry Reagents

Becton Dickinson

Insulin syringes and needles

Rice Lake

Adult and pediatric scales

Gemmy Industrial Corp.

Laboratory Equipment

La Paz

Obrajes, calle 6 #125 esq. Av. Ormachea
(+591-2) 2788493 - (+591) 71440105


Av. Papa Paulo #1158 entre calle Venezuela y German Urquidi
(+591-4) 4539638 - (+591) 72221300

Santa Cruz

Casco Viejo, entre Calle Tarija y Saavedra #699
(+591) 72200814